Creating Your Perfect Sound

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Capturing your unique performance is essential and a good quality recording will allow your project to stand out. I offer both studio recording and live recording services.

Sound Design/Songwriting

Do you need a bass line or guitar solo added to your project? Maybe some soundscapes with strings, pianos and a smooth rhythm section.

I would love to hear what you hear and make it a reality.


When all the elements and color of your project are complete, some kind of balance must be given to make sure the product is ready to be shared with the world.

Audio Editing/Cleanup

General audio repairs and cleanups to your song, podcast or field recording.


Coloring the sound, adjusting dynamics and sonic qualities to your project is an art form that needs to be tailored to the vision of the performer.




About Daniel Gilad

Music for me is about creating relationships through sound. Each piece of music has its own personality, quality, and design. It is a reflection of the artist's soul and a small window to their story. It is my job to be able to translate it and shape it to be shared with the world.

Traveling the globe exposed me to a verity of music, cultures, and relationships. This is one of the biggest tools I use when I work on music and it allows me to be authentic, creative and inspired.

I am a Sound Engineer/ Music Producer that has been working in the industry for over a decade. It has been an honor and a privilege to provide live sound, studio production, mixing, and mastering to some of Hawaii's finest artists.



Sound Board

Dean Taba, Musician/ Songwriter

"From a musician’s perspective, Daniel is one of my favorite engineers to work with. Always a team player and a sound person of the highest caliber! To see him at any gig is a very welcome sight!!"

Lucie Lynch, Musician/ Songwriter

"Daniel is the most amazing human being, extremely talented musician and recording engineer and just great to be around. He puts his heart and soul into every project! Lucie Lynch, singer/songwriter, SoulSoundAlchemist"

Jon Yamasato, Musician/ Songwriter

"I have worked with Daniel for over a year now and this is my impression: He shows up on time, he's easy to work with, he is very competent and the results that we've got from his work has been top-notch. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for live or studio sound help"

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